We all have a limited time, and the older we get the shorter it gets.



Freedom of thought does not give us freedom of action.


lHumanity and Planet Earth

The closer our affiliation to the natural world, the greater our understanding of our place

The Thoughts, Writings and Books of William Mataba


The ancients have much to teach us. Their simplicity in thought and action makes them closer to the answers of life.

The greater our technological advancement the greater the danger our purpose, and indeed functions on this planet become unimportant. The result suggests Planet Earth has no need of us, and subsequently our future as a species is precariously placed.


Our Place

The planet can survive without humanity, humanity cannot survive without the planet

Sentient life has a balance purpose, each creature interacting with another in life and death. Humanity is the only species that falls outside this category.



Life has a mystery of purpose. We need to seek the and to find an answer.