Africa the Continent of Hidden Beauty

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Africa smiles even in adversity. Many have nothing but what they have brings joy to their world. There is a message in this. Perhaps the first world needs to watch and heed?

One Kaross will keep you dry, another must cover its living form

To scent the damp grass after the first rains, to hear the veldt sigh as moisture slakes the grass, to see the power of an African storm this, this is to know you belong to the mother continent.

To hear the sound of ancient African drums, to see the smiling faces of peoples who’s joys akin to just being alive, and to share in the pleasure of an African Meal this, this is to know you belong to the mother continent.

A fed lion will not need to kill

True giving is an act seeking no return.

It is easier to throw money into the hat of a beggar than it is to dress his wounds.

© Mataba

The greater our possessions the harder it is to feel free.

To see a sunrise without pain or distress is to enjoy the gift of life.

Real cruelty is unfulfilling a promise.

A child will; only trust if it is given and shown trust when young

If you want to smile and laugh study those who are born with little but have strong macro family ties.