Africa the Continent of Magic

Most Southern African Rivers run underground. There is a need to dig for the water which is often found below the river sand.

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Table Mountain in South Africa is 3558 feet above sea level. Some 1500 miles away to the North Bulawayo in Zimbabwe is only 864 feet higher at 4422 feet.

The most vicious and tenacious of all Southern African wild animals is not the lion or the Buffalo but the Honey Badger. This little animal can defend itself against the most dangerous of game. It also has a skunk like gland which emits a potent, evil smelling odour.

The semi desert Karoo in South Africa is characterised by the interesting looking Sugar Loaf Mountains that frequent the landscape. Exploration has revealed that the peaks of these ‘nipple topped’ hills carry evidence of the soil composition  many millions of years ago, indicating the land was originally the same height as the hills.

Most of Africa’s borders were created by the colonial powers during the colonisations between the 17th and 19th centuries. The borders, often created round natural boundaries, did divide African nations which may be the cause of some national identity confusion to this day.

African custom demand that the male enter a house first. This is to see that it is safe before the female follows.

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